Make Up Art Academy has been making its mark ever since it opened in 2005: not only does it have the utmost respect for the art of makeup, it’s also an illustration of technical perfection, a reflection of the luxury and elegance “a la Française”. This gives it unique positioning, on both a cultural and artistic level. Train to be a studio makeup and hair artist in our prestigious premises in the heart of Paris. Here, our hand-picked professional trainers – among the best – will help you to pave the way for your career. To ensure personal supervision and guidance, you will receive top-level in-studio training as part of a class of only 20 students.

MAAP – a makeup school with professional connections

Every day of the school year, our Academy offers exchange and diversity by welcoming students from various different horizons. This is culturally enriching and makes for an exceptional artistic environment. The school is run by its founders and a group of hand-picked, outside, professionals, along with partners that are chosen specially for their stellar reputation and qualifications. This is what allows us to stand out on the international stage. For this reason, the most demanding of professionals and students alike will feel at home in this perfectionist context. We offer various apprenticeships (mandatory and unpaid) for our ELITE and EXPERT students. These apprenticeships are sought by the Academy and give the students rewarding professional experience; it’s a chance for our young artists to get a feel for their future daily lives while putting into practice the various professional skills they’ve learned.

How MAAP works

You can sign on at any time of the year. Next, we will grant you an interview in order to assess your personality and motivation. You must pay your enrollment fee (25% of the total) when you sign on.

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I work as a manager in “Alliance” Educational company in Russia and Ukraine, we have a client who would love to learn all about make-up. Do you accept international students? If so, do you teach in English of just French?

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