Our training programs are divided into different levels, from enlightened amateur to future pro, the make up art program is available to everyone.

MAAP offers a variety of trainings, from daily basic makeup to more sophisticated appliances for the big screen. It covers artistic applications as well as basic makeup for television and showbusiness.

Our instructors take their role of teaching very seriously; making sure that each one of you is prepared for their future career.You will be expected to be up-to-date with the world and trends of today, knowing how important appearance and image are to today’s world. You will have to know everything about the public’s demands including the past and up coming trends.
The variety of the subjects proposed should guide you through your beauty training until mastering the whole array of technics needed by the end of your program.

Janine Zenk is the Academy’s director. She chose to become a professional make up artist after working for 15 years in the artistic filed, that became her passion.
Her extensive career in fashion began by designing and producing her own line of clothing, which got her a name across the world in cities like, Dubai, Bangkok, Istanbul, Damas and much more.
Graduating from a major hairdressing school as a colorist, she gained experience working in big hair salons as well as a professional makeup artist, specializing in ethnic makeup. She was given the title of chief on various TV sets and fashion shows.
Following, Janine has created a make over studio, offering special trainings for makeup, hairstyling and photography. Finally, after the success of the attempt, she then decided to push her career further by joining Make-up Art Academy Paris.
The time has come for this successful artist to share the different qualities that made her who she is today: an avant-gardist vision, an international experience, rigorousness and management skills.