MAAP is proud of its practical training as well as its teaching dedicated to young talents, like you, about specific skills required in this field.
We will always seek to help you progress further in your career. To achieve this, we will be sharing:

  • Our know-how (language, dress sense and behavior)
  • Knowledge of the professional environment
  • Advanced expertise and abilities

We will also teach you how to interact with the professional world:

    • Initiation in job-seeking techniques
    • How to write a resume
    • Preparing for a job interview


These are the goals of our mission:

  • To train professional make-up artists
  • To enhance their talent and creativity
  • To use unique teaching methods
  • To turn our students into the talents of the future

How MAAP works

You can sign on at any time of the year. Following this, we will schedule an interview in order to assess your personality and motivation.
You must pay your enrollment fee (25% of the total) when you sign in. A parent must accompany younger applicants. As for applicants from abroad, we will give you an over-the-phone interview then your enrollment documents will be sent to you by mail or email. Apply as soon as you can, especially if your fees are being paid by any of the various training organizations. The following establishments can pay for a part or all of your fees: FAF, FONGECIF, OPACIF, AFDAS, AGECIF, MEDIAFOR, UNIFORMATION, AGEFOS, local councils, and your local government or employment center. In accordance with article R6351-6 of the labor code, our academy’s registration number is 11755046675. You will have a student status, certified by the student ID and academy papers we will provide you with. You will have allschool vacations.Equipment (make-up and brushes) is provided by MAAP for the ELITE training program.


Monday through Friday: 10am – 1pm then 2pm – 4.30pm

Open all year long

Customized make up training to your own personal needs. Come and visit us, or call us on +33 1 48 06 38 88.

Our mission:

Our goal is to form and train professional makeup artists that represent the talents of tomorrow, by teaching unique methods and techniques todevelop their abilities and creativity. It is possible thanks to our extensive instructions, giving the students the possibility to learn different techniques taught by our professionals that are willing to pass on all the
knowledge gathered over the years of their careers. Throughout their curriculum, students get a one-on-one attention regularly thanks to the small classes (20 students per class maximum) and to the fact that our
program is divided into subjects and not modules. These various criterias make it possible for us to reach our main target, which is to ensure that our future artists feel ready and experienced enough to perform their art
to any personality.
We also offer our ELITE and EXPERT students different internships (mandatory and unpaid) that are found by the Academy and give the students a professional experience; it’s a chance for our young artists to get a feel of their future lifestyles while putting into practice the different skills learned.