Elite training program: 10 months
Dates: September through July
Duration: 900 hours / 10 months
Schedule: Monday through Friday: 10.30am to 12.30am / 1.30pm to 5.30pm
Tuition fees: 7,090 euros

This training program presents the different disciplines you will need to become a professional makeup artist: daytime makeup, special effects, and makeup for show business, entertainment, TV and hairdressing. Besides the basic theory needed, you will also receive practical training.

Beauty, Fashion and Facial Styling

    • Skin types
    • Skin basics
    • Information about different products used
    • Morphology and the study of different face types
    • Color scheming (principles of colors and color charts)
    • Foundation and first base makeup
    • Eye makeup (eye beautification and correction)
    • Eyebrows (shape, blending and fashion trends)
    • Shading, shadow and light techniques
    • Corrections (cover-up)
    • Makeup – from natural to the most sophisticated look
    • Ethnic makeup (dark and Asian skins)
    • Notions of light
    • Makeup for photo studios
    • Makeup for fashion shows

TV, Cinema and Special Effects

  • Organization and behavior on a TV set
  • The basics of lighting and techniques used on set (natural,
    artificial, flash and projector lighting)
  • Makeup for men and women (natural, corrective and sophisticated)
  • Makeup for TV: anchors, commentators and guests
  • Makeup for music videos
  • Gradual aging techniques used in cinema (by using makeup and latex)
  • Introducing products used to create special effects on skin (blood, latex, glue, artificial flesh)
  • Grazes, scratches and bruises
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns

Hairdressing studio
The makeup tuition will also include a hairstyling course all year long. You will be studying the equipment used and the techniques for mastering the art of hairdressing: curling, grooming, backcombing,
straightening, extensions, blow-drying, braiding and buns.

Creating a new look
This program will complete your beauty training via different techniques, knowledge and tips learned: image overview, creating a new look, color scheming, style research, morphology and morph psychology.

At the end, you will graduate and get a Professional Makeup Artist Certificate with Hairstyling studio skills.

25% of the fees should be paid on enrollment, to secure your tuition. The rest will be paid on the first day of class, via the payment option of your choice: bankcards, cash, check or bank transfer.